Plea deal coming for man accused of beating dog to death

RACINE (WITI) -- On Monday morning, June 24th, a Racine man accused of beating his dog to death is expected to make a plea deal.

38-year-old Thomas Hinson of Racine has been charged with felony mistreatment of animals for allegedly beating his four-month-old pit bull to death.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates an officer arrived at Hinson's residence due to a call from a neighbor. The criminal complaint says Hinson told the officer he was upset that his dog had pooped in the house.

The criminal complaint states the neighbor went back into Hinson's residence a couple times when this neighbor heard "booming" noises coming from the residence. At one point, Hinson was allegedly holding the dog by its collar.

The criminal complaint states at one point, the neighbor witnessed Hinson bashing the dog's head into the floor -- reportedly saying he was going to kill the dog.

The criminal complaint says Hinson started crying when he was told the dog was dead. A neighbor said Hinson was intoxicated at the time, and reported Hinson had allegedly beaten the dog before.

The neighbor told police Hinson had the dog since it was three weeks old, and described the dog as well-behaved and friendly.