Photographer captures incredible view of comet NEOWISE in timelapse over UK

EXETER, U.K. -- If you haven’t seen the comet NEOWISE cross the skies yet, you’re in luck: One photographer managed to capture a beautiful timelapse of the comet over the city of Exeter, in the southwest of England.

When the comet was visible over the United Kingdom on July 7, photographer Alyn Wallace drove for two and a half hours from Wales to Exeter to get the ideal vantage point.

Wallace shared a Youtube vlog showing his process of capturing a clear view of the comet.

“I am so over the moon, I’m not going to lie. I’m so happy with how this shot has come out,” he said in the video.

“Considering I’ve never been here before, I traveled up far, and the clouds being so uncertain, I’m so glad that I decided to stay at this spot. It has worked out better than I could have ever imagined.”

According to NASA, the comet was first discovered back in March using the Near-Earth Object-Wide Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE). The comet “survived its recent closest approach to the sun, and is now headed back toward the outer solar system,” the NASA report said.

The comet will make its closest approach to Earth on July 22, at a distance of about 64 million miles.

Despite its perceived appearance that it is hurtling toward Earth, NASA has confirmed that it is not a threat and will harmlessly pass through the Solar System.

Scientists say NEOWISE is best viewed at dusk or early dawn, when there is just enough light to see it against the dark sky. Binoculars or a telescope will help with your viewing experience, but as the month progresses, gazers will be able to view the comet with unaided eyes.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.