Photo taken at Arlington Cemetery goes viral, woman suspended from job

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A woman who posted a picture on Facebook of herself giving the finger next to the Tomb of the Unknowns could lose her job. 

30-year-old Lindsey Stone's co-worker took the photo of her while they were on a work trip to Washington D.C. In the photo, Stone is standing next to a sign that says "silence and respect," while she pretends to shout and puts up her middle finger. 

The photo sparked outrage online, and now both women are on unpaid leave. 

Meanwhile, Stone's parents say they're "totally beside themselves." They say they begged their daughter not to put things like that photo online.

Stone works with the Hyannis organization, which helps adults with disabilities. She posted the photo on her personal Facebook page -- not expecting it would go viral. 

Complaints poured in from across the country, and Stone was suspended from her job without pay -- and may be fired.

The local ACLU says while Stone clearly messed up, she shouldn't have to lose her job.

"People talk about political correctness gone amok. This may well be an example of that. I don't think she meant to insult veterans. I think she was being kind of dumb," 

Stone's parents say for Stone to lose her job would just be a consequence of her own choices and actions. 

Stone and the woman who took the photo released a statement apologizing. They said they were making a joke about the sign, not disrespecting where they were.