Photo shows stranger helping armored truck driver shot in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO – Bystanders jumped into action after a wild shootout outside of a Sacramento bank Friday left an armored truck driver critically wounded.

Sheriff's investigators say when deputies arrived, they found a Brinks armored truck driver lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the upper body. Another man was also on the ground, with several gunshot wounds.

KTXL's cameras recorded a man and his son who refused to sit and wait for paramedics or the police – they rushed to the driver's aid.  A photo shows the man's son using his own shirt in an effort to staunch the bleeding and keep the driver alive.

Investigators believe the security guard was walking out of a Golden One branch with a bag of money when a masked man armed with a gun tried to rob him.

Both men exchanged gunfire, Sheriff's spokesperson Tony Turnbull said, and both men were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

KTXL reporter Joe Khalil posted the photo on Facebook, and said:

If he survives, it will likely be thanks to first responders, AND these good samaritans who stopped to help. Race, societal role, political viewpoint were never factors in this split-second decision...just one human being helping another. Tragic and horrific as this story is to cover, I hope sharing this image restores a small bit of people's faith in kindness.