People enduring snowy, blustery conditions along lakeshore

PORT WASHINGTON (WITI) -- With bands of moderate to heavy snow flowing through southeast Wisconsin, everyone's just enduring the weather at this point. That was the case in Sheboygan and Port Washington, where FOX6's Rachelle Baillon visited on Monday, February 17th.

"Don't go outside. That's what it's like. Awful windy, the snow is just eating away at your face in the wind," said Christina Klosse.

"I was hungry so I had to go out and get some food," said Will Valadez.

Valadez was only planning on spending a few minutes walking outside on Monday. Unfortunately for him, that got prolonged a bit when we asked him to stop and chat.

"It's been really windy since the morning actually. Even before the snow started and now that the snow's here, it actually seems  a lot worse," said Valadez.

Just about everyone FOX6 News spoke with on Monday was squinting. That's because the wind was driving the snow hard -- forcing anyone without ski goggles to take action and protect their eyes.