Peace movement started in Milwaukee now celebrated around the world

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- All over the world people walked in the name of peace. It's part of a movement that started here in Milwaukee.

On Milwaukee's north side, prayer set the pace for a movement hitting the streets all over the world.

"This has never been done having a collection of nations at the same time doing a prayer walk against violence," said Tracey Dent, member of Milwaukee's Peace Alliance.

Tracey Dent had the idea last fall after organizing a prayer walk among Milwaukee churches. Through social media, Dent found people from other countries wanted in.

"And then it started snowballing and all of a sudden it became a worldwide, international prayer walk," Dent said.

Milwaukee's walk started at Friendship Progressive Baptist Church and headed south.

L. Emmanuel Chrisopher, a Milwaukee native, flew in from Washington, D.C. to walk and pray.

"We wanted to come back and support the efforts to uplift the communities. We need more unity in our community," said Christopher.

Demonstrations were expected in dozens of cities and countries on Saturday -- each pledging their support of the movement online.

"I am just so happy that this day has come. I am just excited for this day where we can finally come together as one," said Charnell Turner, with Peace Alliance.

The group marched and prayed, talking with people as they passed bringing with them not only hope, but a way up.

"Letting the community know the church is here for them," said Turner.

Other marches were planned in places like India, Ghana, Pakistan and the Philippines.

In total, groups from 45 different countries pledged their support.