Patreon, a platform where creators get paid by fans of their work

Ready to quit your day job and pursue your dreams? We talk to the founder of a website that makes it possible.

For years people came to Hollywood to pursue their dreams. Now they set up shop online: making videos, writing blogs, and recording podcasts from anywhere in the world.

A website named Patreon is helping make it all possible. It’s a platform that lets everyday folks get paid to create whatever they want – from poetry to music – thanks to the subscribers who support them.

Recently, we met up with founder and creators at the site’s annual meet-up called PatreCon. At the event, which was held in Downtown Los Angeles, creators converge to share stories, exchange ideas, and learn what works.

So, can you quit your day job and pursue your dreams?

“I came to PatreCon because everyone here is hustling and they’re trying. I make videos about how great it is to be a father and how challenging it is as well,” explained Glen Henry.

Henry has a YouTube channel called Beleaf in Fatherhood with over 500 supporters on his Patreon. They pledge a monthly sum to support his content.

Beleaf in Fatherhood’s Glen Henry with Rich DeMuro at PatreCon 2018

Kati Morton, a licensed therapist who does Mental Health videos on YouTube, at PatreCon 2018