Passersby do their best to help victims in rollover crash; "I did try to wrench the door off"

MILWAUKEE -- A pickup truck drives down a steep embankment on Milwaukee south side -- and two passersby come to the rescue. It all unfolded near Highway 794 and Oklahoma Avenue late on Thursday, September 1st.

"We ended up backing up and then rushing up to the crash site," said Brennan Balestrieri.

Rollover crash at Hwy 794 & Oklahoma Ave.

The passenger and driver in the truck were pinned and could not get out. That is when Balestrieri and another passerby went to work.

Rollover crash at Hwy 794 & Oklahoma Ave.

"I was starting to kick at the windshield with another gentleman," Balestrieri said. "We were able to remove the windshield and pull the passenger out. But unfortunately, me and a few other bystanders were unable to get the driver out."

With the passenger safe, Balestrieri and others tried to get the driver out safely.

"I did try to wrench the door off of the driver, but he was completely wedged into the door," Balestrieri said. "The passenger kept saying please help my brother."

Rollover crash at Hwy 794 & Oklahoma Ave.

Finally, firefighters would be able to free the driver.

"I tried moving the seat forward and back. I tried moving the seat up and down," Balestrieri said.

Balestrieri said the passenger seemed to have minor injuries. The driver was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

Rescuers went their separate ways and left knowing they helped two brothers who couldn't help themselves.

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies were on the scene helping with the crash. There is no word yet on what caused the wreck.

Rollover crash at Hwy 794 & Oklahoma Ave.