Parishioners at Sunday Mass react to clergy sex abuse scandal

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee-area Catholics on Sunday, July 7th celebrated Mass for the first time since thousands of pages of documentation was released early last week, detailing the Milwaukee Archdiocese' clergy sex abuse scandal.

"I'm feeling kind of sad about it, naturally. We hate to have people defect, you know, of course. Maybe we didn`t pray enough for them. Maybe they were in the wrong place -- somebody made a poor choice," parishioner Eileen Goff said.

Last Monday, thousands of pages of secret court documents were released, revealing sexual abuse involving 41 priests.

The court documents show some of the accused molesters were then shuffled around from church-to-church.

"That came as a terrible surprise to us. We could not believe that this would happen, but it did so we have to live with it. It doesn`t affect my faith. I expect people to be less than perfect," Goff said.

While some parishioners hold true to forgiveness and not judging, others near Cathedral Square told FOX6 News they are feeling somewhat conflicted.

"There needs to be some sort of repercussions -- some punishments, especially when it comes to the church and religion and something we kind of believe. It`s the moral guidance, so to speak. It`s a little bit tough for me," parishioner Martin Chung said.

The cases involved 550 victims and went as far back as 80 years in the church.

"I just wish they wouldn`t have hidden it and moved the priest somewhere else. They should have dealt with it head on," parishioner Susan Kalupa said.

We are going to pray for the victims and pray for the Archdiocese," parishioner Robert Kalupa said.