'Painful decision:' 2020 Bay View Bash canceled amid COVID-19 concerns

BAY VIEW -- The 2020  Bay View Bash has been canceled as a result of COVID-19 concerns.

 Below is a statement from Bay View Bash:

"We have made the painful decision to not host this year’s Bay View Bash. Our mission is to support our community, and right now we feel the best way we can support one another is by not putting each other at risk for a potential wave two of Covid-19.

The Bash is run entirely by volunteers and all the money we raise is given back to local non-profits, schools, and hardworking groups that do so much for our community. We encourage you all if you have the ability to, please consider donating to Bay View restaurants, bars, shops, venues, salons, and gyms to help keep us strong.

Keep your eyes peeled to our page as we come up with different ideas to help raise funds for the neighborhood."