Pain doctor accused of grooming 'special patients' to trade pills for sex

INDIANAPOLIS - A pain doctor who operates multiple practices across central Indiana is accused of using powerful pills to get his patients to perform sexual acts on him.

Dr. Tristan Stonger began treating a female patient in 2013 and developed a sexual relationship with her sometime in late 2014, according to court documents acquired by WXIN. The patient told investigators she complied with the sexual demands because she feared Dr. Stonger would stop writing her prescriptions.

During a March 28 visit, she decided to secretly record the encounter. Within minutes of the appointment, the doctor can allegedly be heard asking her to perform a sex act on him. Court documents reveal that Dr. Stonger allegedly wrote three prescriptions for controlled substances at the end of the visit.

In all, she has filled 13 prescriptions from Dr. Stonger in 2016 – for Adderall, Lyrica, Oxycodone and acetaminophen – according to a review of the Indiana prescription drug monitoring database, INSPECT.

'Special patients'

On February 25, a former employee filed a complaint raising concerns about Dr. Stonger possibly engaging in sexual activity with his patients. The female employee told investigators that Dr. Stonger had "special patients," with whom he would spend unusually long periods of time. When Dr. Stonger was with these "special patients" he would allegedly tell his staff to knock before entering the exam room. The complaint also pointed out that it appeared these "special patients" were receiving more prescriptions than other patients.

In February, the DEA raided Dr. Stonger's offices in Indianapolis, Peru and Bloomington in a separate investigation based on claims Stonger had over-prescribed pills, leading to the deaths of several patients. Sources confirm that case is still pending and charges could be filed.

The Indiana Attorney General has filed a motion to suspend Dr. Stonger's license. The medical licensing board will hear that motion during a meeting on April 14.