Packers K Mason Crosby goes virtual in push to raise money for Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation

GREEN BAY -- Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby is raising money for the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. The Packers all-time scorer is in Green Bay with his wife Molly and their five kids.

"We have actually shifted to a home school schedule, you know, for the spring prior to this happening. So, fortunately, school wise things didn't get thrown out of whack too bad. Just been trying to find ways to get the kids active, keep them outside."

Crosby is attending offseason Zoom meetings with his coach and teammates and he's also using technology to continue his association with the Vince Lombardi Cancer association.

"It's a little bit different time right now. Usually, we'd be preparing for a golf event here in a few weeks in early June. So we're going to shift to a virtual gala for this year," Crosby said. "So May 13th and 7 o'clock, we'll have 'Stronger Together' virtual gala for the Vince Lombardi Cancer Association. We're all affected by cancer in some so way. With the little bit of time and resources that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated."

Crosby may be a highly-paid NFL standout. But Crosby knows cancer's kick all too well.

"Losing my grandmother to her fight with cancer, my sister-in-law passing away this past year, my father-in-law being diagnosed with bladder cancer, Molly's lung cancer diagnosis and surgery. We've been so fortunate that this year in March she was deemed cancer-free. It's something that affects us all and it does not discriminate," Crosby said.

And Crosby doesn't back down.