Packers fan talks about the video of her that's gone viral

MILWAUKEE -- The Green Bay Packers lost the game against the New York Giants because of how they played. But maybe, just maybe, it really came down to sparkles painted on one die-hard Packers fan's finger nails.

Starting with week 17 of the last NFL season, Casey Lewis wore green nail polish -- and didn't take it off until the Packers won Super Bowl XLV. She wanted to keep that tradition going this year until her sister made one little suggestion.

"Then my sister was like, 'oh you should add some like, green sparkles on top and spice it up  little bit,' and I was like, 'okay I will,'" said Lewis.
According to Lewis, it was that call that blew it for the green and gold. Yes, Lewis is a little superstitious.
Lewis has replaced the sparkles on her finger nails with black nail polish -- as she's in mourning.

As for the YouTube video that has turned her into a viral sensation, Lewis says she does not regret her temper tantrum.

"It's embarrassing that that's like, what people know me for, but that's how I am. I'm very intense. That was kind of mild compared to my reaction during the game," said Lewis.

As for next season, Lewis has not yet decided what colors you'll see on her finger nails.