Packers fan saws car in half for a pair of playoff tickets

MILWAUKEE -- What would you do for a pair of playoff tickets to Sunday's Packers game against the Giants? For Dan Wall, he sawed a car in half!

The question was thrown out by the radio station 102.9 The Hog. So, armed with a hacksaw and plenty of blades, Wall managed to cut the 1997 Volvo in half. It took him only around two hours to finish the job.

Believe it or not, Wall says there was a method to the madness. "Strategy was to get the supports cut first so I can raise it up to open it up. Give me more access to the line I want to cut in the middle," Wall said.

The hardest part for Wall was cutting the bottom of the car, simply because of the angle.

Wall says he plans to make a sign for the game that reads, "I cut a car in half with a hacksaw to be here today."