Pabst Brewing shares details, sets opening date for long-awaited Milwaukee return

MILWAUKEE -- After more than 20 years, Pabst Brewing is in Milwaukee once again.

The brewery hosted one of its first brewing sessions Monday, March 13th and offered a sneak peek at its restaurant -- located inside a converted and restored old German Methodist Church on the grounds of the original brewery.

Pabst officials said they'll continue brewing their traditional beers, but the idea is to create innovative new brews on a regular basis.


"The meld of our past and our future. We're doing some historical styles but really what we're focusing on is what's new and interesting and putting new beers together and really just being cutting edge on the scene again," John Kimes, head of brewing said.

Pabst Brewing Company is gearing up to launch its new microbrewery and taproom sometime in April.

They expect to brew 4,000 barrels a year.