Over 60 people show support for man shot, killed by homeowner

SLINGER -- Family members of a 20-year-old man shot and killed in Slinger over the weekend addressed a crowd of over 60 people, who showed up at the Washington County Courthouse Tuesday, to show support for Bo Morrison.

Morrison was shot and killed around 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning, on an enclosed porch in the 100 block of Kettle Moraine Drive, in the Village of Slinger.

Morrison's friends say the graduate of West Bend East High School had been at a party at a neighboring home, and may have run onto the porch to avoid police officers who had responded to a noise complaint at the party.

Morrison was shot in the chest, and died at the scene.

Lauren Morrison, Bo's mother, addressed the crowd at the courthouse Tuesday. "I love you all. Thank you for representing my son, because he can't do it for himself no more," Lauren Morrison said.

A statement from the Washington County District Attorney indicates that the homeowner who shot Morrison called police to report the shooting, and that he has been cooperative in the continuing investigation.

FOX6's efforts to contact the homeowner have been unsuccessful, but Tuesday, Morrison's mother sent some of the family's closest friends to speak with FOX6.

"He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I just feel this guy could have handled it a thousand other ways. He didn't have to take his life," Jordyn Drescher said.

"We want people to know Bo. Bo wouldn't have been there to harm anyone. He wasn't a home invader. He wasn't a robber. He was a good person," Katie Stahl said.

Washington County District Attorney Mark Bensen tells FOX6 News he is aware of Tuesday morning's show of support for Morrison. Bensen says he has reviewed some of the materials investigators have submitted, including Monday's autopsy results. However, he says since the investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate for him to comment on camera.

Tuesday morning, there was some focus on Wisconsin's new Castle Doctrine law, which was enacted in November. The law defines "a person's right to use deadly or substantial force against someone who unlawfully and forcibly enters their dwelling." The term "dwelling" includes porches."This law is ridiculous. It's sick. I could see if Bo was trying to harm him, or did something, but he was just on the porch step, hiding from an underage drinking party and he gunned my boy down," Lauren Morrison said.

Mequon attorney Charles Blumenfield is not involved with the case, but is aware of it. Blumenfield says he opposes the Castle Doctrine, adding that his hope is that common sense would limit the need for criminal defense. "If I were defending someone who was accused of this, certainly, I would take advantage of the law, but I would hope that individuals would not put themselves in that kind of a position," Blumenfield said.