Other venues step up as Root River Center closes doors

MUSKEGO (WITI) -- Franklin’s Root River Center, a popular bowling alley, banquet hall, tavern and restaurant on W. Rawson Ave. closed its doors — much to the disappointment of frequent visitors, and those who had future plans at the center.

After more than a year of planning, Daisy Pedroza's Quinceanera was set for July 20th. On Tuesday, July 9th, the family found out their booked venue had been shut down.

"We planned it for so long and out of nowhere, it just happened," said Pedroza.

The family had made a $250 deposit at Root River Center, and more than 200 guests were scheduled to be at the party.

When Chris Krause of the Muskego Lakes Country Club found out about the Pedroza's situation, he offered to help. The county club is waiving its rental hall fee for any functions booked at Root River Center this year.

"It'll feel great if I'm able to help them with all of their needs," said Krause. "It'll be rewarding."

Krause says rescheduling events from Root River Center to Muskego Lakes Country Club should be fairly convenient, as the venues are only about ten minutes away.