OSHA: Kapco failed to implement safety procedures after worker lost finger; second worker hurt

OSCEOLA — The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors allege Kapco Metal Stamping has failed to implement safety procedures it agreed to after a worker lost part of her right index finger on a welding machine in Osceola last year.

OSHA says another employee suffered a similar injury on the same machine in February of this year. OSHA has proposed penalties of about $207,000.

Investigators say employees welded thousands of parts a month with their hand and fingers inches away from the welding machine's operating parts. Following the 2014 injury, Kapco agreed to manufacture fixtures to hold smaller parts, so that welders would not need to hold the parts with their fingers, near the point of operation.

Kapco operations manager in Oscelola, Paul Pueschner, says the company disagrees with OSHA's findings and has exceeded safety protocols in many areas.