Orlando couple honors COVID-19 victims with 220k Christmas light display

An Orlando couple is honoring COVID-19 victims with a massive Christmas lights display in front of their Lake Como home.

David Nubar and Frank Boyce said they installed more than 220 thousand lights on their property and each light represents someone who died from the coronavirus.

“COVID-19 has taken so much away from us and Frank and I talked about what could we do that would be a little bit more special this year,” Nubar said.

Nubar said he and Boyce decided to put up Christmas lights early this year because of the pandemic.

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“We started early so our time together would last a little bit longer before Christmas season is over and Thanksgiving is over and we all go back to our lives.”

Nubar said while he was putting up Christmas lights in October the U.S. hit a grim milestone with 220- thousand COVID-19 victims. He said that sparked the idea to dedicate their holiday display to the victims.

Nubar said, “We see it on TV, the numbers, and we’re numb to it now. So we decided that we would take the 220 plus thousand souls and bring them back to light.”

Nubar said it is powerful to see all the lights shine at once.

“We can physically see a representation of all the lost souls due to COVID-19 and it puts it all in perspective. It’s overwhelming but it in perspective.”

Boyce said hundreds of people have already driven by to see the light display.

“It’s overwhelming, just overwhelming, what it means to them,” Boyce said. “They talk about their stories and who had COVID-19 in their life or who’ve they’ve lost.”

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Boyce said he is grateful to be able to provide a bright moment in a dark time.

“What a lightbulb can make you feel inside is just magical. They pull up and we know for the second or 20 minutes that they’re hanging out at our yard that they forgot what’s going on with whatever situation it is.”

Nubar said they have always done elaborate Christmas decorations to give back to the community and this year’s display is extra special.

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“Now they all share joy and smiles and happiness and lord knows we need a whole lot of that right now. That’s why we basically do it everywhere; it brings out the best in the community.”

Nubar said the lights will be up through the first week of 2021 and will be turned on nightly, weather permitting. If you would like to drive by the display you can visit Nubar and Boyce’s home at 2811 Clemwood Street in Orlando.