"Order Beer" app brings beer to your doorstep

DALLAS, Texas -- A new app could bring beer right to your doorstep! Jim Bricker created the simply-named "Order Beer" smartphone app at his Dallas-based company, Order Mapper.

"It's actually faster than going to the store because it's only a one way trip. We really believe every purchase in the future will be done on a mobile device," Bricker said.

Bricker's company has created other "ordering" apps, but the new beer app has been out for about two weeks.

"We really focus on the end user experience, so we make it as simple as possible to choose what you want to order plus pay for that order," Bricker said.

Drug and alcohol expert Amara Durham says delivering alcohol is a terrible idea.

"One might think it means less drinking and driving, but it means more isolation which is what people tend to do when they have an addiction issue, and then add to that the ability for people who are underage to access alcohol? We don't want that," Durham said.

Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission Lt. Michael Lockhart says having beer delivered to ones door may sound questionable, but it's not. When ordering alcohol, retailers cannot sell to anyone under 21, and it's the business owner's responsibility to verify age.

"They've been able to do this, as far as I know, since 1935 when the code started because we used to have grocery deliveries. Certainly they still have to make legal sales. They can't deliver to people that are intoxicated. They can't deliver to minors or anything like that, and certainly we monitor that and regulate that just like we do on any other transaction," Lt. Lockhart said.

Pizza ordering apps are the number one food ordering apps and Bricker says beer just seemed like a perfect fit.

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