One year later: Where is Kelly Dwyer?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A year after Kelly Dwyer disappeared, it remains one of Milwaukee's biggest mysteries.

The last year has been filled with search parties, search warrants, family pleas, and court appearances by a man believed by Dwyer's family to know what happened.

It has been a difficult year for the family and friends of Kelly Dwyer.

"We're working to find our daughter," said Tony Dwyer, Kelly's father.

Last winter it was anxiety, yet confident search parties would find clues to what happened.

"Anything out of the ordinary, cell phones, purses," said Christopher Schwartz, from Operation Locate Our Children.

Unhappy with the early stages of the police investigation.

"It's a little bit frustrating," said Tony.

As the weeks passed, suspicion and doubt closed in around the man who was admittedly one of the last people to see Dwyer, Kris Zocco.

Zocco was arrested last October after police say they found child pornography inside his apartment. Search warrants later showed police were looking for evidence that would prove Zocco killed Dwyer, or hid her body.

"Looking into it more because they don't really know what happened," said Chris Malcom, a former neighbor of Zocco.

Neighbors of Zocco were eager to have police return 5 months later to question residents.

"A little frustrated, they haven't really taken it to the next level and figured out what's going on," said Malcom.

The months went by, and the case was going cold. Though never charged with Dwyer's death, Zocco has spent the last year in and out of courtrooms facing charges involving drugs and child pornography.

Periodically, family members of Dwyer have attended hearings, bringing with them a range of emotions.

"You can't hide behind your father's money and your mother's skirt for the rest of your life. Sooner or later, you are going to get nailed for something," said John Van Leau, Dwyer's uncle.

A year later, an unfortunate truth remains -- Kelly Dwyer has not been found, and by now a family is emotionally drained.

Kris Zocco has never been charged in connection to Kelly Dwyer's disappearance. He maintains he does not know what happened to her.