One victim describes it as "ridiculous:" Five men arrested for vandalizing 60 vehicles!

FOND DU LAC (WITI) -- Five men have now been arrested in connection with a vandalism spree in Fond du Lac that damaged nearly 60 cars!

Brent Trewin had a rude awakening Tuesday morning, September 9th. A police officer was knocking on his door.

"He brought me out to my vehicle -- with the window smashed.  It must've been a baseball bat, my guess, because there's damage outside of the vehicle and when you looked down the road you could see a couple cars that way, couple cars this way," Trewin said.

Trewin says the officer told him the vandals struck neighborhoods all over the city, targeting cars parked on the street.

"I thought it was ridiculous.  You'd think you'd have a little something better to do than to vandalize the whole city," Trewin said.

Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says this is one of the largest vandalism sprees the department's had to deal with.

"We have taken well over 50 complaints of vehicles that have been damaged, had their windows smashed out," Klein said.

Police say nothing was actually taken from the vehicles, saying this just looks like a case of vandalism for vandalism's sake.


"It sounds like, you know, they were just out there for the thrill of it, smashing windows," Klein said.


Klein says five men ages 19 to 26 have been arrested. He says they were riding around in a pickup truck using a baseball bat to smash the windows.


Trewin says he's happy suspects were caught quickly, but now he has to wait to get his car fixed. Auto-glass companies in the area have been swamped with calls.


"I'll be sitting for three weeks without a windshield, I mean, back window, because they're backed up with all this stuff going on," Trewin said.


Some of Trewin's neighbors are in the same boat.

As for the suspects, police are recommending charges for damaging property.