One man's collection of Packers memorabilia auctioned off

WALWORTH CO. -- Imagine amassing thousands of dollars of Green Bay Packers memorabilia -- the really treasured stuff -- and then having it taken away from you. It's happened to one Walworth County man. Now, his loss could be your gain.

From autographed jerseys and Lambeau Field models, to a rocking horse and official footballs from Super Bowls 31 and 32 -- these items and more (130 in all) will be auctioned off on Thursday, November 1st beginning at 10 a.m. at the Holiday Inn on Tower Place in Pewaukee.

The merchandise came from Christopher York of Walworth County to help settle a tax debt of about $320,000.

"When a taxpayer does not pay their taxes, the revenue officer and/or tax collector will go out and seize their assets. When they seize them, we come in and sell them," Crystal Ferguson, a supervisory appraiser said.

Now, York's collection can be appreciated by other Packers fans, but the IRS says it didn't have to end this way.

"Taxpayers have a lot of rights that he can exercise and there are several options for collection. This is really the last resort -- seizure," Ferguson said.

You can make a bid for the entire collection. If the overall bids for the individual items is less, the entire collection is yours. Whichever bidding wins, those who bid should be prepared to pay up with cash, certified funds, a cashier's check or money order.

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