On Labor Day, Olive Garden provides 'hot, fresh food' for police, firefighters

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Most people didn't have to work on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 2, and got to enjoy some time with family and friends, but for first responders, it was another day working to keep our community safe.

To say, "Thank you," Olive Garden officials delivered a complimentary lunch, including fresh pasta, salad, and bread sticks at fire stations and police departments.

FOX6 News caught up with Menomonee Falls police as they were about to go on their lunch break.

"We're taken aback by the kindness that's displayed, not only by the Olive Garden, but by the citizens of Menomonee Falls," said Matthew Lewek. "It's something we know that we're certainly not taking for granted in our community."

"We want to be able to give these guys the full effect of what it feels like to be catered to, and bring them hot, fresh food," said Chris Wiley, Olive Garden server.

This marked the 18th year Olive Garden has served lunch on Labor Day. More than 850 Olive Garden restaurants participated.