Oklahoma workers' fake forecast goes viral, catches attention of supervisors

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation workers posted a tongue-in-cheek weather report on Facebook that went viral over the weekend, but the fact it was shot in their uniforms has city officials taking a second look.

Greg Howell and his coworkers shot the video Thursday when he said they were caught in the torrential downpour over their lunch break.

"Just clowning around," Howell said. "And the camaraderie we have? That's authentic. Just how we mesh like that? That's authentic. We're pretty close in the parks and recreation division."

By Monday, the video had garnered nearly 750 likes on Facebook and been shared more than 1,200 times.

"I don't know why it took off but it just did," Howell said.

KFOR reached Parks and Recreation Director Doug Kupper by phone Monday. He said he couldn't yet confirm the men in the video were his employees, but that it may not have been appropriate behavior while in city uniform.

"Obviously Facebook is Facebook and we are citizens of the United States so we have an opportunity to express ourselves," Kupper said. "So I just need to look into it further."

Howell said if it comes, he's ready to face the music, but that nothing was said or done to disparage the city or his department in any way, and that it was all just done to brighten the particularly dreary day.

"It was just raining so hard, and I was like, "Hey man, grab my phone and press record,'" and that's when it happened," Howell said.

The video has been taken down while city officials investigate the situation. Howell said he plans to post more comedic videos in the future on his Facebook page, and if he's allowed, this will be one of them.