Ohio mother arrested after three-year-old body found at dump

(CNN) -- An Ohio mother, who frantically reported her three-year-old son missing over the weekend, is now in jail after the young boy's body was found at a nearby waste treatment plant.

"We offer our sympathies to anyone who loved or cared for this child because it is a very sad case," said Cleveland Police Det. Jennifer Ciaccia said.

The mother, 20-year-old Camilia Terry, reported her son Emilliano missing on Sunday, crying as she struggled to tell a dispatcher what happened.

"I am calling you because I am at a park and my son is missing," the tearful mother said in a 911 recording obtained by CNN affiliate WEWS.

She sobbed as she tried to tell the dispatcher what clothes the boy was wearing and how it had been 15 minutes since she had seen him.

Police and the FBI searched for the boy while the mother was interviewed. Detectives found some "inconsistencies" in the mother's story, said Cleveland Police Commander Deon McCauley.

FBI agents helping in the search noticed a garbage truck leaving the mother's home on Monday, copied down the information and contacted the waste management company. They went to the company to search and found what authorities believe is the child's body wrapped in a plastic bag, said McCauley.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

The mother was being held by police and prosecutors will determine charges. Terry has two other children and they have been placed in the care of state children services officials. Authorities said they did not know the reason behind the killing.

"Unfortunately the statements coming from the mother were inconsistent so we have limited information," said McCauley. "We do not know why out of her three children this is the one that suffered the demise."