Ohio mom asks for help finding 3-year-old's missing military 'daddy doll'

LEBANON, Ohio -- An Ohio mother is reaching out for help finding her 3-year-old daughter's missing doll, which has a photo of her military dad to comfort her while he is deployed.

"She is devastated. We use it often when he trains and she isn't able to see or speak to him," Jessica Osborne wrote on Facebook.

Osborne's husband is currently training with the Kentucky National Guard, according to WXIX.

She always gives her two oldest daughters a doll when he leaves as part of a pep talk to prepare them for his absence, but on Friday, July 12, she couldn't find her daughter Mattie's doll. She thinks it may have gone missing during a trip to get pizza and Dairy Queen.

"I’ve noticed that it helps ease their mind when they can at least pick up the doll, hug it, and see a picture of their father inside," she told WXIX. "It brings a little more comfort to them, and bedtime is just a little bit easier."

Osborne shared a photo of a similar doll belonging to Mattie's older sister in hopes someone sees the missing doll.

"Please...if you see this doll...I would be grateful for its return," Osborne wrote.