Ohio boy who was shaken as a baby dies after 12 years on life support

CLEVELAND — A 12-year-old Ohio boy who was shaken as a baby and spent the rest of his life on life support has died.

Aiden Stein died Sunday, March 20th at a Columbus hospital. The case drew national attention when the boy's parents fought to keep him alive after a guardian appointed by a probate judge sought to have him removed from life support.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled in December 2004 that the guardian lacked the authority to make that decision.

Aiden's father, Matthew, was charged with shaking his four-month-old son. He denied it, but a jury in Mansfield convicted him of felonious assault and child endangerment in September 2005. He served eight years in prison.

The Richland County prosecutor said Wednesday it was "unlikely" that further charges would be pursued against Stein.