Officials try to ease concern over new health facility after neighbors learn sex offenders will move in

MILWAUKEE -- A new Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) could open in Milwaukee's 13th Aldermanic District as early as Friday, November 20th. The facility has been in the works for about three years, but some who live in the area say it was only five days ago that they were told sex offenders would be moving in.

Alderman Terry Witkowski called a news conference for Wednesday afternoon, November 18th to raise his objections to the planned placement of convicted sex offenders in the facility.

Alderman Witkowski stands with concerned neighbors near new group home

"It`s a matter of truthfulness," Witkowski said.

There are a lot of questions regarding this facility -- but few answers to satisfy residents living on Uncas Avenue.

"It`s too close to my daughter`s bedroom window," one neighbor said.

Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) on Uncas Avenue

If it passes inspection on Friday, the transitional home will be able to receive patients within the coming days. Those inside will be those being transitioned, by law, out of the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex and back into the community.

"It is not the city that is doing this," Alderman Witkowski said.

Alderman Witkowski and other state and county officials joined with neighbors in expressing concern that two individuals on the Sex Offender Registry would also be housed there.

The facility's contractor, Karl Rajani, tried to ease fears by inviting concerned citizens in for a tour and an explanation -- saying no child predators are allowed.

Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) on Uncas Avenue

Residents are provided to the facility by the county.

"These are chronically mentally ill patients," Rajani said.

We're told the two expected sex offenders won't be on electronic monitoring -- but they will be supervised 24/7 by workers.

Rajani says during peak daytime hours, each individual will be paired with a supervisor.

Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) on Uncas Avenue

"These are not hardened criminals, by any means.  They are not in prison," Rajani said.

The walk-through did little to ease the doubts and concern for some who live nearby -- who still don't understand why they weren't told about these specific patients before the facility was even built.

We do not know the exact health conditions of these patients due to HIPPA privacy regulations.

And because this will be a health facility, residents won't be notified as to what sexual offenses they've committed.

County leaders say they're legally able to live there.