Officials seek Albert Mendez, a fugitive with a violent past

SHEBOYGAN -- U.S. Marshals are seeking 49-year-old Albert Mendez -- a fugitive they say has a past history of violence, and is one of Wisconsin's Most Wanted.

Police say they were looking to question Mendez this past summer.

They were in the process of investigating a sexual assault and thought Mendez might have information for them, but investigators say he ran away.

Law enforcement officials say that's a violation of his parole, and Mendez became a fugitive.

"There's an urgency to locate him," a law enforcement source told FOX6 News.

Law enforcement officials say Mendez has a violent past including a history of armed robbery and burglary.

"He certainly has violent tendencies," a law enforcement source said.

Officials say Mendez has various tattoos, including different male and female characters, a snake on his right shoulder, a dragon on his left shoulder, "Yolanda" in Old English writing on his abdomen and a picture of a woman on his chest.

Officials believe Mendez could be hiding out in Sheboygan.

If you've seen him, U.S. Marshals want to hear from you at 414-297-3707.