Officials respond to reports of "explosions" at Appleton Electric

SOUTH MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Officials were called to Appleton Electric in South Milwaukee on Sunday, June 23rd in response to reports of explosions.

It happened around 12:30 p.m. at the Appleton Electric building next to Grant Park.

Officials say the "explosions" were caused by a transformer on the building that shorted out.

FOX6 News spoke with someone who was working nearby and saw the situation unfold.

"I heard the explosions. When I turned around and looked outside it was just large balls of lightning. It was clearly electrical -- very crackling.  There was at least five or six of them. By the last time the last one exploded, the concrete and metal caught fire," Brent Oudeans said.

Officials say the flames quickly went out on their own.

No one was hurt, and damage was minimal.