Officials investigating car break-ins at Wilson Park Senior Center

MILWAUKEE -- Officials are investigating over four dozen car break-ins on Milwaukee's south side, and say the elderly have been targeted.

Since October, seniors at the Wilson Park Senior Center have reported a spike in car break-ins during the day. They say law enforcement officials have warned them to hide valuables that may be visible to crooks, like purses or electronics.

Officials say some of the crooks are skipping valuables inside the vehicles and instead targeting what's under the hood. 

"We didn't get this old by being stupid. They steal the batteries. Can you believe this? It's unbelievable. Junkyards all over pay to get those batteries. It's frustrating," one senior told FOX6 News.

Sheriff's deputies have set up mobile surveillance cameras in an attempt to catch suspects or curtail the crimes.

"It's ridiculous, and it happens pretty frequently now. Everybody locks their cars and takes precautions. It's just common sense," another senior told FOX6 News.