Officials emphasize safety after woman fell 15 feet from cliff in Door County

DOOR COUNTY -- A woman was rescued after falling 15 feet from a cliff in Door County on Saturday, March 12th. First responders and park leaders say what happened should serve as an important reminder.

"We've seen up to 400,000 people come through each season, so it is very popular," Erik Aleson, director of Door County Parks said.

The cliffs offer a breathtaking view, and an opportunity for great photos.

"Stay far enough back to get some nice views and pictures -- but don't put yourself in a dangerous position," Aleson said.

On Saturday, a woman who was sightseeing fell about 15 feet from one cliff onto another cliff. She is expected to fully recover.


"There are some steep cliffs. The water gets really rough up there. The water crashing against the cliffs and against the rocks, it's a really scary situation if you do fall in," Kalin Montevideo, Sturgeon Bay assistant fire chief said.

Fire officials receive one to two calls per year regarding folks who have fallen from these cliffs.

"The scenery is beautiful up there and people are taking pictures and maybe getting too close to the edge. If there are slippery edges and it's wet, people just need to be aware of their surroundings," Montevideo said.

"We certainly have a lot of exposed rocks, and rocks just below the surface along the shore line there so it's something that we always urge caution for visitors that go to Cave Point and any of our county parks with over looks like that," Aleson said.

Aleson said parks officials have been debating putting a fence around some of the overlooks for years.

"Making sure people know it is dangerous," Aleson said.

Aleson said folks should never jump off the cliffs into the water because water levels can change drastically depending on the location.