Officials blast 'idiots of the century' for swimming inside baited crocodile trap

Authorities in Australia say they're "gobsmacked" by the sheer stupidity of a group of men seen swimming to a crocodile trap in Queensland—and getting inside with the bait.

The men were spotted getting into the mouth of the trap at the Port Douglas marina, close to where a crocodile is suspected of killing an elderly dementia patient earlier this month, reports the Guardian.

"This is incredibly stupid and dangerous behavior," says Julia Leu, a local mayor. "I'm wondering if these fellows are vying for the idiots of the year award or the idiots of the century award." "Srsly? The meat we put in these traps is bait. For crocodiles. Don't swim in them! It's stupid, and illegal," tweeted Queensland Environment Minister Steven Miles.

"I've seen some pretty ridiculous things in my time as environment minister, particularly when it comes to crocodiles, but this one takes the cake," he told reporters.

He warned that the traps are dangerous even without the crocodiles they're designed to attract. The Queensland government recently introduced a $15,000 fine for interfering with the traps after a similar incident, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports.

(This guy was mauled by a crocodile after jumping in a river to prove a point.)

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