Officers on patrol during Operation Booze and Belts

WAUKESHA -- The holidays can be hectic in the dispatch center, but a portion of the calls over the last week and a half have law enforcement officers calling on drivers to give common sense a try this season, rather than receive a ticket. Agencies across the state of Wisconsin have patrolled from December 9th through the 17th as a part of Operation Booze and Belts - targeting impaired drivers and seatbelt law violators.

Waukesha officers like Jason Trimborn have made more than 82 traffic stops as a part of Operation Booze and Belts. Trimborn was on patrol for speeders Sunday afternoon, and says sometimes the mere presence of a police vehicle can improve safety. "Just by seeing a squad out there with its lights on, if that makes someone think twice, then we're doing our job," Trimborn said.

In an average shift, Trimborn estimates he'll make four traffic stops. He says over the course of a week, he'll encounter one or two impaired drivers, and calls it a consistent concern. Officers like Trimborn hope Operation Booze and Belts will make roads safer for drivers this holiday season.