Officer nearly killed after shots fired from home Wednesday night

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Six people were taken into custody on Wednesday night, December 11th after shots were fired as a Milwaukee police tactical unit was working to bust a suspected drug house. Now, FOX6 News has learned that an armed drug house guard nearly killed a Milwaukee police officer twice.

Gunshots fired from a home near 25th and Orchard tell a story.

"This was a very close call for this officer," MPD Captain Alfonso Morales said.

Four semi-automatic high caliber blasts were fired from inside the home. Two of the blasts put holes in the wall -- and just missed an officer's head.

Police say one round went in front of the officer's face, and another went behind his head.

Police say they came to the home Wednesday armed with a search warrant.

Inside the home, police arrested three men and three women, and found heroin and crack cocaine.

Police say the women arrested have histories of prostitution.

Police and city leaders have a message for drug dealers.

"Get out of here. Take a hike. Go to Chicago. Go to L.A. Go to hell as far as I'm concerned," Alderman Bob Donovan said.