"Nuggets, with a side of bad attitude:" 3 arrested after gun pulled in drive-thru over 'shorted' order

PUYALLUP, Washington -- Sometimes, you just really need more chicken nuggets.

Three teenagers were arrested Monday, June 19th after officials with the Pierce County Sheriff's Office say they became enraged when they were apparently shorted at a Jack in the Box restaurant.

A gun was pulled on workers at the drive-thru window.

According to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office, the restaurant on Meridian Avenue S. in South Hill was busy on Monday afternoon, and there was a long line in the drive-thru. When the suspect vehicle got to the window, officials say the teenagers copped an attitude with employees.

After she got her food, the 19-year-old woman who was driving said workers forgot her drink and didn’t give her enough nuggets. She then said there was something in her drink and threw the cup through the window at an employee.

The employee closed the window, and the driver and a 14-year-old girl who was a passenger got out of the car and began punching the window and cursing. A group of employees finally went to the window to see if the car had left, and the passenger pulled a handgun and pointed it at them.

The employees dove to the floor, and the car left, but witnesses wrote down the license-plate number.

Deputies went to the house where the car was registered.

When they got to there, the driveway was empty, but deputies looked in the windows and saw the car they were looking for in the garage. They knocked on the door, and eventually the homeowner opened the door and let the deputies come in to take a look.

The suspect was nowhere to be found in the house, but the deputies saw an access-panel to the attic in the garage. When they opened it, they found the 19-year-old driver hiding out with a male.

The driver was arrested on three counts of first-degree assault.

A deputy in the neighborhood found a 14-year-old girl and an 18-year-old man who had also been in the car walking in the neighborhood. The man took off running when the sergeant asked to talk to him, and the girl was placed in the back of the police car after she admitted she’d been at the Jack in the Box.

Eventually, a deputy tackled the 18-year-old man after he tried and failed to jump over a fence, and the sergeant found a stolen 9mm handgun with 14 hollow-point bullets in his pocket.

The man was booked for unlawful possession of a firearm and resisting arrest.

The girl in the back of the police car grew angry as all this was happening, sheriff's officials said, and tried to kick out the car windows. She screamed and cursed at deputies and told them none of it would’ve happened if the Jack in the Box worker had given them the right food.

She was booked for assault, possession of Xanax and resisting/obstructing law enforcement.