NOT guilty: Jury returns verdict for man accused of possessing improvised explosives

RACINE COUNTY -- A 25-year-old Racine man, accused of possessing improvised explosives was found not guilty by a jury on Thursday, June 18th.

According to the criminal complaint against Gregory Pappenfuss, police were called to a Racine home on January 29th, 2013 to check on Pappenfuss' welfare. His wife called police to say "Gregory had been fired from his job and was depressed. She stated that he has numerous handguns, semi-automatic rifles, and knives."

During a search of one room in the Pappenfuss house, the complaint indicates officers found "15 firearm cases in the room, more than 20 knives and swords handing from hooks on the wall, and boxes and metal cases of ammunition." One officer also "located suspicious materials that he recognized from his military training as possibly being explosive materials." The bomb squad was then dispatched to the home.

The complaint indicates the bomb squad determined that "there was no explosive detonating devices in the room; however, there were chemicals present to make Thermite, and explosive." The chemicals were seized as evidence.

Following the not guilty verdict, bail was released for Pappenfuss, and the defense was instructed to prepare an order for the return of firearms.