Not exactly "Alex from Target!" Young Walmart employee accused of using deodorant, returning it to store shelf

SOUTH CAROLINA (WITI) -- He's not exactly "Alex from Target!"

KRON4 is reporting an 18-year-old from South Carolina is out of a job and facing criminal charges for what he's accused of doing at the Walmart store where he used to work.

Chandler Roberts was spotted on surveillance video allegedly taking milk and cookies off the store shelves and into the break room -- without paying for them.

KRON4 reports when managers confronted Roberts, he confessed to that -- and more!

On at least two occasions, Roberts was caught on surveillance video taking a stick of deodorant from the shelf, slathering it on his underarms and then returning it to the shelf.

It is unclear whether that deodorant ended up being sold to customers.

Roberts has been fired, and he's facing misdemeanor theft charges, according to KRON4.

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