Northpoint Custard Stand gets a new look for a good cause

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Getting into the spotlight by using its spots! Northpoint Custard Stand is drawing plenty of attention through its new look.

"I`m happy to help paint. I promised my husband no drips, we`ll see about that," says Bartolotta Restaurants Director of Philanthropy Jennifer Bartolotta.

Care-a-Lotta is a charitable organization through Bartolotta Resturants.

Project Spot-On is one of its programs that uses Northpoint Custard Stand to help a nonprofit gain exposure.

"It`s an opportunity for them to use this as a place to gather, to raise awareness, to raise friends, volunteers, and to raise funds more importantly," says Bartolotta.

This year, Care-a-Lotta chose Pathfinders.

Pathfinders has a shelter, day drop-in center, and street outreach programs for homeless youth.

"600 kids a night in Milwaukee under the age of 18 don`t have a bed. We have only 16 emergency beds and we're trying to deal with that," says Pathfinders President Dan Magnuson.

To get the word out about this need, Care-a-Lotta members are painting the spots on the building black and even putting beds on the roof!

People are already taking notice.

"I slowed down to have a second look," says Kenneth Kieck as he walked by Northpoint.

All of the profit made from Northpoint's pink lemonade will also be donated to the cause.

Pathfinders officials say they're thrilled.

"They were people crying, we were crying, we were just laughing, it was just fantastic because this means a lot to us," says Magnuson.

Pathfinders will be featured at Northpoint through the end of the year.
Northpoint Custard Stand opens Saturday, May 18th.

For more information on helping pathfinders log onto