North Pier warning signs to be posted after swimmer drowns

KENOSHA (WITI) -- For many people swimming at North Pier in Kenosha is a summer staple, but after a drowning last week, residents called for warning signs to be posted.

"Every year the whole end of the pier is full of people. Everybody is jumping off, having a good time," said Colten Ketchum. "I come out here and jump off the pier and go swimming every summer."

A fun day at the pier turned tragic for one group of friends on June 17th, as 31-year-old Ben McCarter was pulled under the water by a strong current. Friends and emergency responders couldn't save him.

"As with any strong currents there can be rip tides and undertoes. There's certainly, heavy wave action is a hazard to swimmers," said Michael Lemens from the City of Kenosh, "We would not recommend that anybody try swimming off the pier."

In the coming weeks, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will post a cautionary sign at the front of the pier warning people about the dangers of jumping off the pier to swim.

"People say there really is no lifeguards around here so we swim on our own risk anyway," said Ketchum.