Non-profit bike shop provides jobs for teens, bikes for kids

A local bike shop has become a sort of oasis of hope, providing bikes to kids who cannot otherwise afford them, and providing jobs for young people, giving them a chance to do something constructive: repairing and selling used bikes, which are donated by community members.

Milwaukee's DreamBikes is a non-profit, used bike store located near MLK and North Avenue. Manager Russell Jobs says since March of 2010, they have been giving teens like 17-year-old Stefhon Hubbard an opportunity to learn about repairing bikes, and the responsibility of holding a job.

"I get to learn more about bikes and how to fix different types of bikes, which eventually, can help me if I plan on doing physical or mechanical work on bikes," Hubbard said.

Jobs says he enjoys sharing his wisdom with these young people, and giving them a chance to ride into a better life, if they are willing to put in the work and maintain their focus.

"They're looking for something to do, and when I ask them, they say they like coming to the bike shop because, not only does it give them something to do, it keeps them away from bad elements," Jobs said.

Jobs says DreamBikes is gearing up for the holiday season, and will be selling kids' bikes, priced between $20 and $75.