"Nobody is immune:" Police experts encourage having a plan in the event of a mass shooting

MILWAUKEE -- The incident in Colorado Springs is making some take a closer look at their own situations at surroundings here in Wisconsin. Some law enforcement experts are encouraging you to have a plan -- other than just calling 911.

Colorado Springs shooting

Officials say the frequency and the variety of places at which these shootings and attacks are taking place, prove that no one is immune. Their advice is to have a plan with your family no matter where you go.

"On any given day, in any given community, at any given venue, an active shooter, an active assailant situation presents itself," said Brian Dorow, Waukesha County Technical College.

The latest situation: Three people are killed and nine others injured in a shooting spree at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

Brian Dorow, Waukesha County Technical College

"It's almost like this has become our way of life," said Dorow.

Brian Dorow, a former police officer who now helps train officers, says because of the frequency law enforcement has adapted...

"They used to set up perimeters, they used to try to negotiate, but we know that the active shooter suspect is in all likelihood not willing to negotiate. They're going there to create chaos, inflict fear, and ultimately kill as many people as they can," said Dorow.

Dorow says the first step is to have a plan.

"I'll call 911, I'm going to alert my co-workers, I'm going to make sure they're in a secure area. I'm going to pick something up to have something in my hand I may be able to throw as a distraction. I'm going to make some noise," said Dorow.

Brian Dorow, Waukesha County Technical College

He says it only makes sense as we are faced with yet another tragic mass shooting.

"Nobody is immune from them," said Dorow.

Dorow says while a plan is important, you may not need to go into a full exercise within your home or at your work place -- but talking through it is really important, especially with your children.