‘No fair!’ Sisters have adorable reactions in cupcake gender reveal

These two little girls have two very different reactions when they learn the sex of their new sibling - and both were equally adorable.

The Huffington Post reports that photographer Heidi Guerard and her husband, Shaun, decided to reveal the sex of their third child to their two daughters using cupcakes.

Giuliana and her younger sister, Grace, were given two cupcakes and told that the color inside would indicate if they were having a little brother or a little sister.

Giuliana was ecstatic at what she found inside her cupcake. Grace, however, didn't even want to look, becoming more and more unhappy as reality set in.

The YouTube video was posted about one year ago but is gaining traction again on social media.

The two little girls since have both learned to accept and love their new little sibling.