Nike designs new shoe for 'everyday heroes' working in healthcare industry

PORTLAND, Ore. (WJW) — Shoe giant Nike has created a new shoe for our everyday heroes.

According to Nike, the Air Zoom Pulse was designed with nurses, doctors, home health providers and other medical professionals in mind.

Nike conducted on-the-ground product testing and used medical workers' insights when creating this new shoe.

Designers of the Air Zoom Pulse learned from staff at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, located in Portland, Oregon, about the rigorous activities health care workers endure in their day-to-day efforts.

Nike reports that nurses walk approximately four to five miles daily, sitting for less than an hour during their 12-hour shifts.

The design of the Air Zoom Pulse aims to tackle healthcare worker’s physically and mentally demanding challenges with simplicity in mind.  Nike officials say the shoe is easy to get on and off, as well as being simple to clean.

The fit, cushioning and traction systems reportedly work together to secure the foot in all hospital conditions.

The shoe also features a full-rubber outsole, a flexible drop-in midsole with Zoom Air heel unit and a heel that is meant to fit so secure it feels like your foot is receiving a soft, snug hug.

Nike describes the shoe as “almost a traditional clog made athletic.”  It has the arch and posture support one looks for in a Nike shoe, as well as a smooth capacity for natural motion.

The Air Zoom Pulse is also fabricated to protect wearers from the “unforeseen peculiarities of life in the hospital.”  It offers a coated toe box to protect against any spills, as well as good traction.

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