Nicolet students and staff mourn deaths of classmates

Two girls who attended Nicolet High School were killed in a crash during the weekend. The two 15-year-old students were killed when police say Fischer lost control of a car, while driving away from police at 1:00 a.m. on Nov. 19th.

A pole at Good Hope Rd. and Seneca Ave. in Glendale is the meeting place for those who know, and love Halee Fischer and Jennifer Geren. Nicolet Superintendent Rick Monroe says grief counselors continue to be available for both students and faculty.

Glendale police says Fischer did not have a driver's license, and should have not been driving. They also say she should have pulled over when police tried to stop her, rather than trying to elude officers. Glendale police Lt. Donald Haffner says, "The worst that can happen is you're gonna get a ticket, 'n' you're going go to court, 'n' you may get into trouble or trouble with your parents, but again the alternative, if you don't do that again someting worse can happen just like it did that night."