Nicolet parent arrested for disorderly conduct after son cut from team

GLENDALE -- A Nicolet High School parent faces charges for allegedly threatening Nicolet basketball coaches after his son was cut from the team.

A criminal complaint in this case indicates Bobby Felder, Sr. showed up at Nicolet High School upon learning his son had been cut from the basketball team. Felder reportedly demanded to speak with the principal, the coach and the athletic director. The principal reportedly told Felder he would contact him the next day to make an appointment for said meeting.

Later, coaches were having a meeting with players in a locked conference room when Felder showed up outside the conference room and was allegedly banging on windows, shouting that he wanted to meet with the coach. The head coach had to stop his meeting in order to speak with Felder.

The coach told authorities he tried to reason with Felder -- asking him to send him an email with a meeting request.

The coach told officials Felder's temper was "out of control." He reportedly called the coach a racist, and threatened members of the basketball team. The coach said "there was no reasoning with Felder, and stated he feared for his safety because of the out of control temper Felder was exhibiting." 

The coach even requested a police escort to his vehicle because he wasn't sure whether Felder would return and try to cause him trouble or harm.

Felder was eventually escorted off the school grounds by a school administrator, and reportedly said "he was a grown man, and could say anything he wants." 

Felder was later arrested at his home for disorderly conduct. He admitted to police he acted in a disorderly manner and agreed he should have left it alone after having spoken with the principal. 

Felder told police he and his wife have sacrificed for their son, enrolling him in other basketball programs in anticipation of his playing for Nicolet on the varsity team. Felder told police he planned to use this incident as a learning experience for his son, showing him how not to go about things.