Nicolet High School alum Justin Hurwitz wins 2 Academy Awards for work on "La La Land"

GLENDALE -- Nicolet High School alumnus Justin Hurwitz on Sunday, February 26th won two Academy Awards for his work on "La La Land."

Hurwitz won for Best Original Score, and Best Original Song. He already won two Golden Globes for his work on "La La Land."

Hurwitz has played the piano since he was a child.

The orchestra director at Nicolet High School on in January called Hurwitz a "natural."

"He practiced almost constantly, I could always hear him down here in e-wing practicing piano and it's definitely paid off for him. I'm glad to see that," Jamin Hoffman said.

Hoffman said he wouldn't dream of taking credit for Hurwitz's success, but he said it has really helped to inspire his students to keep practicing.