News anchor accidentally emails entire company to call off work, entire company responds

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - WDAF's Nick Vasos wasn't feeling well and attempted to email the bosses to let them know he needed to take Friday off, but what ended up happening has people everywhere laughing.

Instead of simply emailing the bosses, Vasos emailed the entire company - nearly 200 TV stations - and the entire company responded. Now he has thousands of people praying for him.

Nexstar, WDAF's parent company, eventually put a stop to the email thread, but #PrayersForNick was already trending.

Even the WDAF family got in on #PrayersForNick and set up a makeshift vigil on his desk.

Shortly after noticing that he was trending online, Vasos offered some good advice on Twitter to the entire company and anyone who decides to call in sick.

Probably the funniest part of the mishap is that no one at WDAF got any of the emails.