Newborn photographed with mom’s IUD in hand

The photo of a newborn holding his mother’s IUD has gone viral.

Two weeks ago, Lucy Hellein posted to Instagram, saying she became pregnant despite having an IUD.

Back in December, I found out I was already 18 weeks pregnant. "How did you not know you were pregnant?" Well my dear, that's because I still have a Mirena IUD. I was given a due date of May 4th...even my OB said The Force is Strong with this one. This boy was definitely a HUGE surprise. Apparently I'm part of the 1% who end up with a viable mirena pregnancy. I took this belly pic the other day, 37 weeks and 1 day. I will be having a scheduled csection to find the mirena and close down the baby factory. Both Dave and Faye are excited about baby brother.
The Force Awakens April 27th, 2017.

"My doctor believes I may have gotten pregnant about three weeks after it was placed," Hellein told WTLV.

After giving birth to her son, Dexter Tyler, a doctor found Hellein's IUD behind her placenta, she said on social media.

Hellein told WTLV that a nurse placed the IUD in her son's hand as a sort of tongue-in-cheek nod to conceiving while having an IUD in.

She shared a picture of the moment on Facebook, which has since gone viral.

Now, many are questioning the effectiveness of IUDs, which are said to be 99.9 % effective at preventing pregnancy, WTLV reports.

"I mean it's next to impossible (to get pregnant). You have a better chance of winning the lotto," Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner, Laura Ghasseminia said.

Ghasseminia said Hellein is lucky the IUD did not disrupt the blood flood to the placenta, which could have led to a miscarriage.

Hellein told WTLV that Dexter is a miracle baby.

"He's going to be a week old tomorrow and actually tomorrow was his original due date, which is May 4, which is known as Star Wars Day," she chuckled. "So, the doctor was like, 'the force is strong with this one.'"